“My Marine Hat”

I wear my Marine Hat because my son Terry is a Marine.

Many men say to me “Semper Fi” I say “Semper Fi”, but I am not a marine, my son is.  I can tell by the look on their face, they are apart of the brotherhood – “The Marines” and they most definately have served in the past.

A brotherhood that lasts a lifetime “The Best of The Best” you can feel their value, honor, and Respect by their comments and gestures.

Becoming a “Marine” is one of those decisions you make that will set you apart forever.  A decision that will serve you your entire life.  Impregnating “Value” “Honor” and “Respect upon your soul.

Terry, this will be one of your best decisions you will make in life.  Look at your time spent away from home as an investment into yourself that will be there to serve you for the rest of your life.

Hang in there,

Love          Mom & Dad

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Unconditional Love

I just lost my mother-in-law last night, she was 82 years old, she had over 25 people hanging out, going in and out of her room for days, kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.  Such an example of unconditional love, she took so little and gave so much, she was happy just to see you, nothing else ever mattered.

I was fortunate to have known her for 34 years, we are all richer and blessed for having her in our lives,  our loss / heavens gain.

She now can be with her son who was killed changing a tire for a lady on the highway some 31 years ago, a Husband that past away some 24 years ago, and her own mother who passed away some 8 years ago.

Heaven is rejoicing today having received back one of its best foot soldiers from earth.

Love you forever Mom, I am glad you are resting in peace, and have no more worries here on earth, you single handedly carried the weight of an entire family with 8 children , paid the bills, cared for the kids, cleaned the clothes, cleaned the house, and cooked the food.  A true hero, enjoy your  “forever of no more worries”  John…

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Blessed with another sunny day!!!

Life is good, beautiful warm sunny day, blue skies, took a great 4 mile walk with Sue, discussing the weekend events made the time slip by. Must of been thinking about a court date coming up in July in my sleep , so I got up at 3:30 and worked for a few hours, went back to catch a couple more hours sleep, before getting up and going for a walk, a perfect morning. Look for a little special time today, create a “10” for yourself, you deserve it, remember tomorrow is not promissed. Love John

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Count Your Blessings

This has been a great week, have had our only two grandsons (Isaiah & Micah) here for four days and three long nights, the youngest being only 3 months old, the oldest almost two. My youngest son (Terry) has been here all week from the Marines, my oldest son (Don) came by to hang with the little ones, and my daughter and husband (Tonya & Aaron) came tonight to pick up the grand kids and for Isaiah’s early birthday party who turns two on May 14th (we had the party early so Terry our youngest, could be here for the party before going back to the Marines) tomorrow. Count your blessings, smell the roses, enjoy the special moments that come your way. We love to see everyone come home, hate to see them leave, such is life!!! ENJOY

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Planting Seeds

I have not worked on a farm since I was a kid, but I do believe in the natural order of life, and the practice of planting seeds.  Farmers know how many days it takes for a plant to mature and produce its fruit.  In life I believe in the same principals, only we do not know how many days it takes for a dream to become a physical reality and produce it’s fruit, just keep the faith, keep smiling, and take good care of your garden, get rid of the weeds, water, and fertilize, God take care of the rest.

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Value of Family in Tough Times

I believe that we are truly measured in our darkest hours, it is when things do not go your way and it seams hopless you need to look for the light.  In these times we need to take the pain, stay true to yourself, remain faithful , and press toward your goals.  Remember even on your bad days your family stands by your side.  Lets make their days brighter, and happier by being larger than the current challanges that we face, by finding something to celebrate.

I woke up this morning in perfect health, and watched the sun come up, my son Don was here last night and Sue helped do his 6 loads of laundry, my daughter Tonya is home in Detroit taking care of both of our grand kids Isaiah & Micah, and my youngest son Terry already has his ticket paid for to come home for Easter from the Marines.  “Not so Bad” I have food in the fridge, roof over my head, and I slept in my own bed with blankets and a pillow.

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Gain by Giving

In life, dicipline yourself to gain by giving.  Always give first, give more to those who you are working with, and living with, (give more / take less).  By taking care of those around you, you leave in Gods hands “your well being”.  Since he created the “Laws of Nature” and knows so much more than we do, it is not a bad place to hold your personal well being in trust.

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“Walk the Talk”

If you can’t walk the talk, then it would be better not to say anything, and just smile!!!


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Have you bought the wrong plan?

How are you doing?  Are you reaching your goals?  “Have you bought the wrong Plan?  Nobody says it better than Jim Rohn. 


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Failing Fast

In the middle of responding to a “request for documents” that encoumpased my sons and my own work for a three year period, a light went on.  As I was shipping the 10,500 pages of documents supporting our efforts, on various real estate developments spread over 4 states, I thought.  I need desperatly to FAIL FAST / MOVE ON Create new income oppportunities as you manage the fallout of this failed efforts, do not waist another day without creating new income sources, get creative, search your soul, don’t wait until tomorrow to act. 

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), get something going, get new cash flowing, it is a new day, and a new game out there.

Who in the world moved all of my cheese!!!  I am not done, I will re-create my world and move forward!!!

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