Life Skills

  1. Life skills –
    1. Spiritual – I believe that we exist first as spiritual beings, secondly as intellectual beings, and thirdly as a physical being, all three aspects of life, and learning how to appreciate each state of being as we live a physical life here on earth, and how to be most effective here.
    2. Relationship Building – Relationships between individual family members is the foundation of which life is built on.
    3. Budgeting – Being able to create and live in a controlled environment “that a budget creates” actually creates more freedom than living without one.
    4. Living debt free – the discipline of learning to live within your means, is a lesson that will serve you throughout your life. 
    5. Living with integrity – Integrity is a special gift that you can enjoy in life. Everyone does not have integrity, you first build character, as you live with character over an extended period of time you create integrity amongst those you live and work with
    6. Relationship Building – Relationships between individual family members is the foundation of which the life is built on.
    7. Employment Skills – polish up the rough edges so that you attract pportunities to yourself.
    8. Additional Learning Opportunities – Most all additional learning / Inspiration / advanced learning / college and so on,  are methods to obtain a higher level of understanding.
    9. Entrepreneurial Skills – Exposed yourself to the skills and knowledge required to manage and grow successful businesses in today’s business climate.  If you choose to take financial risks and launch your own company it will be entirely up to you, I will show by example how it is done, and will expose our trade secrets, knowledge, expertise and experience. 
    10. Fiduciary Interests – Learning fiduciary interest will give an internal balance of who / what / and when to serve.  By creating a good understanding of fiduciary interest one can “without thinking” prioritize and become very effective in managing all aspects of their life. 
    11. Money Skills – needless to say, “like our comptroller says” “It all comes down to the money”.  It is true, since we all use money as a tool to trade for goods and services; it becomes the measuring stick in which all is measured here on earth, so get good at it!!!
    12. Fighting Dependencies – fighting any dependency is a serious matter, I we will help make available the best possible resources to support  your war against Dependencies.

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