Life’s Foundation

These principals are ones that I have chosen, and based my life on, and have burried them in my soul (underground – per say) so that when the storms of life come along, they are not affected.  When I get knocked down, I start over with them already in place, not so bad then!!!

Trust in the Lord / Put others first / Persist / Never give up on your dreams / Learn from others experiences & teachings / Be true to your family and friends / Your word is much more important than what is written / “Enjoy the gift of life” it goes fast / We are here only for a vapor or time, prepare for eternity by enjoying your life here.

Also, learn not to count, if you leave all things in God’s hand “you do not need to count”, he knows the score, and if you concentrate on putting others first in all things, god will take care of you!

If you help make the lives of those around you flourish, yours will be great!

By doing so you have built a foundation that does not move.

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