“My Marine Hat”

I wear my Marine Hat because my son Terry is a Marine.

Many men say to me “Semper Fi” I say “Semper Fi”, but I am not a marine, my son is.  I can tell by the look on their face, they are apart of the brotherhood – “The Marines” and they most definately have served in the past.

A brotherhood that lasts a lifetime “The Best of The Best” you can feel their value, honor, and Respect by their comments and gestures.

Becoming a “Marine” is one of those decisions you make that will set you apart forever.  A decision that will serve you your entire life.  Impregnating “Value” “Honor” and “Respect upon your soul.

Terry, this will be one of your best decisions you will make in life.  Look at your time spent away from home as an investment into yourself that will be there to serve you for the rest of your life.

Hang in there,

Love          Mom & Dad

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6 Responses to “My Marine Hat”

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  2. Terry Cross says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement and the foundation that you have set for us kids. Without that, we would not have the true riches that have piled up over the years.

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